Policies |


  • We do not discriminate on the basis of sex race, ethnic origin, color, age or religion 

  • No refund in any services if you are not satisfy you have 48 hours to come back and fix it. 

  • Balance due for all services is required when you arrive for your appointment

  • Relaxer can be braided, as well as hair in its natural, there is need to straight

  • Do not curse or use offensive language

  • Do not leave the salon with any chemical services.

  • Do not leave your belonging while you are getting services always Cary your belonged with you

  • Do not smoke with 10 feet of front door

  • Be responsible for your kids while receiving services even though we have a kid place to play

  • We have the right to change our policy anytime

  • If you are unable to keep your appointment please call to cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours in advance

  • We reserve the right to refuse service at any time to any of our customer regardless of whether the customer has an appointment or is a walk in

  • Customer has the right at any time to view the quality of our services and Ask for a mirror to view the request so they may change before leaving the shop. We will be happy to answer any question because your satisfaction is our concerned

  • Alcohol is not allowed anytime at the shop

  • Do not leave your belonging any time .if u do we can only hold found items for 24 hours before removing from the shop.

  • We are not responsible for your child safety at any time inside the shop if they are not getting service

  • We are not responsible to any damage or items lost inside the shop

Refund policy

  • Style expected to last 1-3 week (cornrows)

  • Absolutely no refund

  • Style expected to last 2 or more week (single braid, micro )

  • 1 week: repair at no charge

  • 2 nd-3rd weeks: repair at moderate cost depending on what you

  • 4 week and beyond: you will be charges the full price


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