Haby Hair Braiding | Braiding Terms |

Braiding terms

Cornrows: Also known as cane-rows, are narrow rows of visible braids that lie close to the scalp and are created with three-strand, on the scalp braiding technique. Cornrow are worn by men, women, and children and can be braid own hair of various lengths and textures

Micro braids: These are tiny, single braids usually braided half-way and leaving the rest of the hair.it can be done either natural or synthetic hair. Kinky twists: they are tightly twisted or curled braids .they are rope like and two strand based braids, looking like dreadlocks.

Three braids: they are small cornrows that start at the hairline and the end at the nape of the neck while hair is added to make a full head of weave, giving the client flexibility and a carefree option.

Pixies braid: these are individual braids usually small to medium or big in size. The braids are layered to various lengths usually framing the face.it gives the youthful, short braid look.

Senegalese twists: also known as rope twists, are done using the same method as Havana twists, except usually Kanekelon jumbo braiding hair is used

Fishtail braid: simple two-strand braid in which hair is picking up from the side and added to the strands as they are crossed over each other

Locks twist: Also known as dead locks; separate networks of curly, textured hair that have been intertwined and meshed together

Natural hair twist: A technique in which the first side section goes over the middle one, then the other side section goes over the middle strand.

Single braid: Also known as box braids or individual braid; free hanging braid with or without extensions; that can be executed using either an underhand or an overhand technique.

Visible braid: Three –strand braid that is created using and underhand technique

Rope braid: Braid created with two strands that are twisted around each other

Weaving: interweaving a weft or faux hair with natural hair

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